Frequently Asked Questions - Creators

How can I get early access as a creator?

You can sign up for the creator waitlist by entering your email address above. Once signed up, you will be part of our artist shortlist for the marketplace launch later this year. When we're ready, our team will reach out to you with details about onboarding.

Why should I sign up as a creator?

By signing up and getting onboarded early, you will be among the first verified creators on the LimeWire marketplace and your content will get a significant level of visibility during our launch and beyond.

Do I need to have any technical skills or a crypto wallet?

No, LimeWire is designed to make it easy for creators like you to add your content to the marketplace. Our system takes care of any technical hurdles behind the scenes, so all you need to do is set up your creator profile and upload your assets. As soon as our platform is ready for onboarding, our team will reach out to you.

What kind of content can I publish on LimeWire?

We support a range of different file formats, including images, videos, audio files, and more. As a general rule, we believe that whatever content you think your fans and followers will appreciate the most, usually works best. Please also keep in mind that our platform will be fully curated and focused on quality content.

Who's there when I need help?

As we get closer to our launch in May, there will be a global team of people dedicated to supporting creators like you during onboarding and content creation. When our platform is ready for onboarding, we will send you an email with instructions.

Which other artists are onboard for the launch?

The LimeWire relaunch in May will be accompanied by a number of major artists from the music industry. While we cannot disclose any specifics yet, you can rest assured that you will be in great company.