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LimeWire's pricing is structured to be simple and fair to creators. There are no one-time or setup fees, we only grow if you do.

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of all membership payments,
including a 2.50% royalty on all resales


All the tools you need to build a powerful presence on LimeWire, significantly grow your audience and uniquely engage with your fans.

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Affiliate Program

Refer Creators & Earn Commission

Are you passionate about AI & the creator economy? Become a LimeWire partner and receive a 25% commission on all sales & subscription revenue that is generated via your partner link for a period of 2 years. Simply start sharing your unique partner link and start watching your signups and commission grow in real-time below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to use LimeWire?

It is completely free for any artist, creator or brand to create a profile on LimeWire and start engaging with their fans. As soon as you run a paid membership on LimeWire, the platform takes a percentage fee of your earnings. We only grow as you grow and there are no upfront costs.

Which content can I share on LimeWire?

To best accommodate any creator and artist out there, LimeWire supports a wide range of content and file formats. The platform will allow you to share video files, audio content, images, GIFs, as well as text-based posts with your subscribers.

Who can use LimeWire?

LimeWire has always been home to many different types of art and content. We support artists and creators from various backgrounds, including musicians, models, artists, influencers, video creators, podcasters, consumer brands and more.

How do royalty earnings work on LimeWire?

Every post you share on LimeWire automatically becomes a digital collectible for each of your subscribers to own. If you have 300 subscribers, each post will consist of 300 digital collectibles. As your fans trade your collectibles, you earn a 2.5% royalty fee on every resale. All collectibles are minted on the blockchain, which means we can ensure that your most popular content will generate a passive income stream for you, in perpetuity.

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