We are on a mission to bring digital collectibles to everybody

Our mission is to lower the entry barrier into the world of NFT collectibles, both for artists and collectors in the music industry and the broader entertainment space.

LimeWire is Back

About LimeWire

LimeWire has been relaunched as a digital collectibles marketplace for music and the broader art and entertainment space. Our new team, led by co-CEOs Paul and Julian Zehetmayr is on a mission to open up the NFT collectibles space to everybody by drastically improving user experience, offering credit card payments and handling gas fees as well as technical hurdles on behalf of users, while leveraging all the benefits of Web3.

On the LimeWire marketplace, music fans and collectors can buy and trade a variety exclusive music-related assets, such as limited editions, pre-release music, unreleased demos, graphical artwork, unseen live versions, as well as digital merchandise and backstage content. Our aim is to make onboarding easy for anyone, with a quick and easy signup, seamless KYC and items priced in US dollars. A crypto wallet is not required, and purchases can be made directly via credit card (or crypto) thanks to our partner Wyre. The marketplace itself is designed to have an intuitive, state-of-the-art user experience and make it easy for anyone to start exploring the exciting world of NFTs.

LimeWire Management Team

  • Julian Zehetmayr
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    Julian Zehetmayr
    Founder & Co-CEO
    Serial tech founders – jointly founded & exited MobFox, apilayer, eversign and ZeroSSL.
  • Paul Zehetmayr
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    Paul Zehetmayr
    Founder & Co-CEO
  • Ivis Buric
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    Ivis Buric
    ex-Bitpanda Head of Brand
    & ex-Bugatti Rimac
  • Marcus Feistl
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    Marcus Feistl
    ex-Bitpanda Country Manager
    DACH & ex-BCG
  • David Spitzer
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    David Spitzer-Dulagan
    ex-CTO ZeroSSL &
  • Reinhold Lackner
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    Reinhold Lackner
    CFO Stack
    Holdings Group
  • Florestan Roesemann
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    Florestan Roesemann
    Creative Director
  • Alex Eriksen
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    Alex Eriksen
    Artist Acquisition
  • Sara Moric
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    Sara Moric
    Communications & PR
  • Ben Seipt
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    Ben Seipt
  • Simon Gozzi
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    Simon Gozzi
  • Raphael Schoen
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    Raphael Schoen

Partners& Advisory Board

  • Wu Tang Clan Logo
    Tareef Michael
    Management, Wu-Tang Clan
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  • Algorand Logo
    Steven Kokinos
    CEO, Algorand
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  • MBK Logo
    Jeanine McLean
    Management, H.E.R
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  • Y2P Logo
    Michael Poetscher
    ex-Bitpanda CMO, Investor
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  • Wyre Logo
    Ioannis Giannaros
    Founder & CEO, Wyre
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  • SIX Logo
    Jesse Grushack
    Co-Founder, Six.xyz
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  • NUE Logo
    Alex Kirshbaum
    President, NUE Agency
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  • Wyre Logo
    Jamal Raees
    Director Crypto Strategy, Wyre
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