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LimeWire is back, to once again change the game for content creators, artists and their followers.

About LimeWire

The once beloved platform that helped millions of users in the early 2000’s to discover their favorite music, is back, to change the game once again for content creators, artists, and their followers.The new LimeWire is a leading AI Studio for image, music and video content creation and social platform for content creators, artists and musicians. It is home to the 2nd largest Discord community globally with over 2 million members, who have already created more than 500 million content pieces with the help of our generative AI models.Through blockchain technology, the LimeWire platform makes AI generated content ownable and tradeable as NFTs, and allows creators and fans to earn $LMWR as part of the LimeWire ad-revenue share program. In short, LimeWire is the first Web3 generative AI platform that empowers established artists as well as newcomers to embark on a unique creator journey.

LimeWire Management Team

Julian Zehetmayr

Founder & Co-CEO

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Paul Zehetmayr

Founder & Co-CEO

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Serial tech founders - jointly founded & exited
MobFox, apilayer, eversign and ZeroSSL.

Marcus Feistl


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ex-Bitpanda Country Manager DACH & ex-BCG

David Spitzer-Dulagan


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ZeroSSL & MobFox

Reinhold Lackner


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Stack Holdings Group

Partners & Advisory Board

Tareef Michael

Management, Wu-Tang Clan

Steven Kokinos

CEO, Algorand

Jeanine McLean

Management, H.E.R

Michael Poetscher

ex-Bitpanda CMO, Investor

George Howard

Arts Advisor

Jesse Grushack


Alex Kirshbaum

President, NUE Agency

Sean Treacy

Advisor, Def Jam Recordings

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