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FREE AI Image Outpainting

Easily outpaint & expand your existing images with LimeWire AI Studio using our free AI image outpainting features.

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Complete & Expand any Image

The LimeWire Online AI Image Outpainting tool allows you to complete missing parts of any photo or image using the power of generative AI.

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AI Photo & Image Outpainting

Do you want to complete missing parts or add new AI-generated parts to your existing photos & images? The LimeWire AI Outpainter allows you to easily expand your existing images with the power of AI.

Simply upload an image, choose an outpainting direction, and immediately download your new, expanded image.

Outpaint Image with AI

How it works

Our AI Image Outpainting tool is quick, easy and free. Just follow these 3 steps to outpaint your image within seconds.

  • Upload Image

    1. Upload Image

    Upload or drop the original image into LimeWire AI Studio.

  • Outpaint Image

    2. Outpaint Image

    Once you click on "Outpaint Image", we will automatically outpaint your image.

  • Download Image

    3. Download Image

    Now, simply click on download to receive your expanded image.

Explore our other AI Tools

Beyond AI Image outpainting, the LimeWire AI Studio provides support for a variety of AI Image creation and manipulation features.

AI Image Outpainting FAQ

Any questions?

Get in touch with our team and we'll help.


People Love our AI Tools

    LimeWire's amazing Text to Image Studio allows us to easily create amazing generative images for our business. It's easy to use and the results are great from the first try!

    Ivis Buric
    Ivis Buric
    Director of Marketing, CHAPTR

    For someone who is just starting out in their creative AI journey, LimeWire's AI Image creation tools have been very easy to use and produced amazing results even with the most simple prompts.

    Hannes Aigner
    Hannes Aigner

    I highly recommend LimeWire's generative AI tools to any designer looking to streamline their creative process. It is a fantastic tool which helped me a lot in my graphic design work.

    Daniel Ockiya
    Freelance Designer & Developer
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