The "Close To Home" Collection.

Manchester-based rapper Aitch knows a thing or two about hit singles. After successfully collaborating with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Ashanti, he is now releasing his highly anticipated debut album. Dropping alongside is his first-ever set of digital collectibles, only on LimeWire.

Available Items
$15 each
Chance of Prize
8% (46 / 600)
Real life perks Sold out

Mystery Box Collectibles

The collection consists of 16 different collectible digital trading cards & artworks representing the songs on Aitch's new album. For each purchase you will receive one of the 16 digital trading cards & art pieces. Each collectible comes with the chance to win one of 47 super rare real life perks. The winners will be revealed once the collection is sold out and prizes include:

  • 5x VIP access for life for you and a friend
  • 10x Unlimited pass for shows next year for you and a friend
  • 1x Shopping trip with Aitch treating you
  • 16x Signed physical artworks on canvas & more
cd or vinyl Live drop

Limited Edition Album Bundle

Close To Home is also available as a limited edition collectible only on LimeWire. Along with the unique album artwork, you will also receive a signed poster and your choice of either the limited edition album CD or Vinyl. Vintage, yes, but also the future - because your collectible bundle will count towards the chart position and help Aitch rise to #1 in the UK charts. Now that is a first in the music industry.

Available CD Bundles
250 at $25 each
Available Vinyl Bundles
250 at $50 each

Collection Overview

limited edition

Limited Edition

The collection is limited to 600 artworks and 500 album artworks. There will never be more.


Mystery Box

All non-album artworks come with the chance to win amazing extra benefits.


CD or Vinyl

We ship Aitch's new album directly to your doorstep.

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