File Collections

MuWire lets you group several files you’re sharing together into a single collection. That way you can organize your shared files in a meaningful way, for example you can have a single collection for all pictures of a given cat.

Creating collections

Go to the “Collections” tab and click on the Create collection button. This will open the collection wizard. Then you need to choose a name for your collection and optionally add a description.

To add files to your collection they need to first be shared with MuWire. Simply drag the files from the Library tab to the collection wizard. The files do not need to be in the same directory on your hard drive. The same file can be part of multiple collections.

When you’re finished, click on the Review button to see what the collection will look like to other users. If you’re happy, click Save or you can go back and make changes.

Deleting collections

You can delete the collections you have created and that will not affect the files they contain in any way. They will still be shared and searchable. If you want to completely remove the files from your MuWire library you need to right-click on them and select unshare.

If you try to unshare a file that is part of one or more collections MuWire will warn you that those collections will be deleted.

Searching for collections

When you search the MuWire network you will receive results that match the file name and the comment. If the file is part of a collection, the View Collections button will be enabled and you can see which other files are part of the collection.

If you search for a word that is in the name or description of a collection, all files that are part of the collection will be returned as results. You can disable that behavior in the options if you start getting too many irrelevant results.

Downloading collections

You can download individual files from a collection or all at once. If you download all at once, when the downloads have finished the collection will be added to your repository.

Browsing collections

If the Browse collections button is enabled when you click on a user name you can see all the collections the given user is sharing.

A word of warning

When you create a collection, some directory information gets stored in it. When you review the collection make sure you’re not leaking too much information about your directory structure.

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