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Sending My Love

The "Sending My Love" collection is a unique drop consisting of three different digital art pieces, each unlocking Slushii's new exclusive song "Sending My Love".
Mystery Box with 250 Items
Creator Royalty on Secondary Market: 5.00%.

About “Sending My Love

At the young age of only 10 years old, Slushii was already busy downloading remixes he found on LimeWire, inspiring him and developing his early passion for DJing.

  • This exclusive song was created together with Mason Musso, singer of the group Metro Station, and is an homage to the sound of the early 2000s - the LimeWire days.
  • While the artwork was honed to perfection by Santiago Pachon, it is important to mention that it was Slushii himself who drew the initial sketches of the artworks on his iPad, before sending them to Santiago for finalisation.
The rarity score is based on the different traits of the collection. The lower the score, the more rare the specific collectible.

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